Alexandru Macovei

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Born on March 27, 1954

Draganeshti, Singerei, Moldova
Permanent Resident Palm Beach Gardens, FL - 2010


1971-1987 Art college "A.Plamadeala", Chisinau, Moldova, Moscow Polygraphic Institute, Russia
1990 Member of Arts Union of Moldova
1996 Member of International Association of Art IAA-AIAP UNESCO


1978-1983 Republican exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1983-1986 Group exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1986-1993 Republican exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1993 Personal exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1995 Group exhibition "Delta-95", Chisinau, Moldova
1996 Group exhibition "Tescani-96", Bacau, Romania
1997 Personal exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
1999 Group exhibition, Bratislava "BIB 1999"
2000 Personal exhibition, Strasbourg, France
2000 Group exhibition, Hiroko-Mori, Japan
2001 Group exhibition, Bratislava "BIB 2001"
2002 Group exhibition, Moghilev, Belarus
2002 Personal exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
2003 Personal exhibition, Warszawa, Poland
2004 Personal exhibition, Strasbourg, France
2005 Group exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
2006 Personal exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
2007 Personal exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 Personal exhibitions, Klaipeda, Lithuania
2010 Personal exhibitions, West Palm Beach, USA
2012  Personal exhibition, North Port, FL, USA
2015  International Calligraphy Biennale, Moscow, Russia
2016  Art Avenue Gallery, Sarasota, FL, USA


Works in State collections:
Chisinau Museum of Literature
Art Museum, Chisinau, Moldova
Art Museum, Tulcea, Bacau, Tescani,  Bucuresti, Romania
National Art Museum, Moghilev, Belarus


Works in private collections:
Moldova, Romania, Italy, France, Sweden, Israel, Russia, Poland, Canada, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA, German, Lithuania its
Art Museum, Chisinau, Moldova



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