Bobette Stanbridge

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The Galleries tell me to have a style. Creating Art is the ability to conjure something that hasn't been experienced before.  For me, it comes in many types of media and styles.  I love experimenting and have been a sign and super graphic artist, muralist, public artist, author, illustrator, graphic artist, painter, theme designer, wood cuts and sculptor.  I have painted fantasy, realism, surrealism, abstract and portraits.  I use all types of paint, pen and Ink, pencil and colored pencil and airbrush for my images.  It might be hard to recognize my art but then my life has always been other than normal.  My path in this life has been that of a truth seeker.  

I was very lucky to have attended the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design in the early 70's majoring in illustration.  I began college at L.A. Trade Tech. majoring in fashion design in the 60's.

In 1974 I created illustrations that were put on quilts, tote bags, shoe bags, t-shirts and pillows.  These items were sold at all the large department stores across America.

In the 80's I worked for several sign shops before I started my own sign business.  I also painted my acrylic fantasy interior series  and started painting different cultures in oils.

In the 90's I designed a theme for the Ventura Harbor Village in Ventura California.  I also chose the colors for all the buildings at that time.  I painted my God Series in the 90's too.

In 2006, I started my Bunky Book picture book Series for kids.  I currently have 4 on the market.  You can see them @

In 2010, I started my Decade series and painted my last decade in 2015.


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