Mariela Moode

When more than one symbol appears in symbolic art, the sum of the symbols become greater than its parts. Beyond each of the symbols lies a hidden story, and beyond the entire image lies a hidden message. The message of overcoming and renewal, in the entelechy's paintings are also a message of hope for a society in transition. This is the magic of the unseen in Symbolism.


Mariela was born in the Dominican Republic. The first step into  her creative life was developed at a very early age when Mariela would creatively draw in her school notebook.  she attend to business school. Thereafter, while attending  to the the National School of Fine Arts (ENBA), devoted much of her time to explore other art forms such as life drawing, piano and theater. Migrating to continuing her study for Visual Arts in the United States. Recently a self-study conducted by the works of the great masters of antiquity all over Europe, Rome Italy, France and UK. Places that she like to go back constantly as spiritual therapy or source of inspiration. Some of these remain etched in my mind as the magnificence of history and art in Rome, the beautiful and inspirational lavender fields and vineyards of Italy, Florence, the beautiful gardens of the ancient castles of the French bourgeoisie and of course how to stop back the magnificence of the Louvre Museum in Paris France.


Mariela Moode is an internationally renowned artist, with collector of her works throughout the continent, with numerous solos which have been very successful. She use as a source of inspiration to travel around the world. "The magic of different cultures and languages are a powerful source of inspiration."

She has and is currently participating in different  national and international exhibitions. 


Mariela's style is unique. Her style is not to categorize her work, which she feels limits the artist as well as the work. She prefers to paint with oil, but this does not prevent her from exploring other  mediums. Her life works are a continuing change through a process of evolution and self-discovery.


Artist statement: I find my inspiration  in beauty, truth, sorrow, anxiety, the concept of forever,  death, politics and god. My paintings are a visual journey through time and my search to find true meaning in life.The paintings evolve symbolically from chaos to order. At times this is a graceful process, as if my subconscious manifests tself through the  forms. Other times it is a pain staking process. Time is infinite and all of eternity exists within each moment; this body of work represents my struggle to comprehend the journey of true life.


I see my work and working process as a reflection of an entelechy, something that can both be the source of exhilaration as well as frustration.For example, the trajectory imposed by biological limitations, our mortality, norms and expectations of family, society, and the individual's ego-ideal can be seen as entelechies.  These life works are continuing to change through the process of evolution and self-discovery.

about Mariela Moode