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Tegi was born in Yerevan, the Soviet Republic of Armenia. She graduated with honors at the Terlemezian School of Arts in 1983 and Yerevan Academy of Arts in 1988. However, as an artist she matured in Kharkov, Ukraine. She has been living in the United States since 1999.

As a child, Taguhi aspired to become a ballet dancer. Although her childhood dream of being a ballerina would never come to fruition, her quest for artistic expression led her to discovering another way to express her creativity : painting. She endlessly studied and experimented with various painting techniques and styles until she developed a language that is completely her own. While she mentions medieval art, Renaissance masters and art of the contemporary world amongst her biggest influences,    post-impressionism and surrealism also resonate with her work.

Forever fascinated with the purity and simplistic beauty of basic shapes and forms, Taguhi utilizes    a geometric framework to depict her synthesized scenes of everyday life, dreams and fantasies. The bulbous cherb-like figures of her works, call to mind the focus of her earliest artistic creations, the perfect features of a flower. At times resembling a child's toy, lost on a neverending tabletop, her fairytale like scenes are not necessary as innocent as they might seem. Taguhi's other worldly paintings tell a unique story to every person privileged enough to be in their presence.

1983 Terlemezian School of Arts, Yerevan, Armenia (BFA)

1988 Academy of Arts, Yerevan, Armenia (MFA)

Since 1993 she has participated in over 50 group shows, including :
Soviet Homeland (Moscow, Russia), Crimean Museum of Russian Art (Simferopol, Ukraine), Hotel Druon (Paris France), Contemporary Russian Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine), Gala Galerie (Magdeburg, Germany), Grant Gallery (New York, NY)

Private collections in :
Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and the United States

Solo exhibitions
1989 Artist's Club (Yerevan, Armenia)
1990 Soviet Homeland (Moscow, Russia)
1994 Armenian Society for International Cultural Relations (Yerevan, Armenia)
1996 Vernisage Gallery (Kharkov, Ukraine) * Hairon Cultural Center (Tabor, Czech Republic) * Zallman Gallery (New York, NY)
1998 Municipal Gallery (Kharkov, Ukraine) * Art Collegia Gallery (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1999 General Consulate of the Russian Federation (New York, NY) * Museum of Art (Kiev, Ukraine) * Glass Garage Gallery (Hollywood, CA)    Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (Jersey City, NJ)
2002 Grant Gallery (New York, NY)
2008 The National Art Club (New York, NY)
2011 The Artist Club Gallery (Oyster Bay, NY)
2012 Russian Art Pavilion (New York, NY)
2013 Russian Art Pavilion (San Francisco, CA) (Miami, FL) * MORA Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, NJ)
2014 Russian Pavilion - ERARTA Gallery (New York, NY)
2015 MORA Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, NJ)
2017 Plaxall Gallery. Group exhibition (New York, NY)
2017 Bulgarian Embassy. Group exhibition (New Yotk, NY)
2017 ART Center. Group exhibition (Sarasota, Florida)
2017 Russian Cultural Center. Group exhibition (Washington, DC)
2017 ART AVEEVE - Gallery. Solo exhibition (Sarasota, Florida) 
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